All About Pudding

5 mar 2020
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Pudding is a traditional English dish, which is prepared according to the principle "what’s in the oven, then on the table swords." It is made from anything: from meat to chocolate. The Briton will call almost any jelly-like dish pudding.

In Russia, they learned about pudding relatively recently. In our opinion, this is, first of all, an appetizing dessert, similar to jelly and yogurt at the same time. We are used to buying it ready-made or to make it from special mixtures.

However, initially it was far from a sweet and not so delicious dish. According to one version, the pudding was made from oatmeal on meat broth. Immediately after cooking, prunes, honey, nuts, bread crumbs were added to it, and served literally from the heat, from the heat.

According to another version, pudding was a way to store products. All the remnants of food per day (most often it was meat) were combined with eggs and fat.

Most likely, there were two types of “prapudding,” but over time, the British preferred a sweeter version. The composition of this peculiar dish gradually changed, and over time, the pudding became a dish of flour, fat, sugar and fruit. By tradition, it is cooked in a steam bath, and then left to infuse for a while (depending on the recipe - from several hours to several days).

Mention of pudding is very often found in English literature. Agatha Christie called her Adventure of Christmas Pudding series of stories. The heroes of Harry Potter books regularly feast on pudding, and he is also mentioned in Dickens' Great Expectations and Christmas Song in Prose, Charlotte Bronte's Jane Air, and Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Plum pudding or plum pudding (plum plum) is especially fond of in England, Ireland, Australia and Scotland. The first plum pudding was prepared in the 18th century. He could be seen on the table of just a peasant, and in the royal palace during the visit of foreign delegations.

Pudding is always very good

Most often, flame pudding is done before Christmas. They begin to cook it a few days before the holiday, so that it is properly infused and turns out to be truly fragrant. Each member of the family should participate in its creation, at least once preventing pudding. At the same time, during cooking, you must make a wish - the British believe that it will certainly come true.

In addition, it is customary to guess at the flame pudding. Various objects-symbols are put in the mixture for the pudding: a ring promising a future marriage, a button meaning a single year, chicken bones symbolizing long journeys, or a coin promising financial prosperity.

Before serving, the pudding is impregnated with some kind of alcoholic drink, most often it is brandy, or flambered with hot cognac. It also serves sweet custard or butter cream and fruits.

At the beginning of the 20th century, pudding became an unofficial symbol of Great Britain. At royal festivals, puddings made from products grown in the British Empire became mandatory.


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